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RTA-G Efficient Water Reducer

I. Brief Introduction

RTA-G aliphatic sulfonate efficient water reducer is a kind of environment-friendly efficient water reducer. This product does not pollute the environment and does not harm people's health. It can be applied to various cements, enhance the intensity of concrete and reduce slum loss, be extensively used to make various specific water reducers, such as pumping aid, retardant, early strength agent, antifreeze, air entraining agent etc. It can also be used with superplasticizer, WAF and WJF. This product is non-toxic, incombustible, no corrosion to the steel, no crystal in winter, clean, safe and environment-protective efficient water reducer.

Form 1: Fluidity of Neat Cement Paste(mm)

Intermingled Quantity %
Implementation Example
0.23 0.30 0.6 Molecular


1 230 275 265 6300
2 240 260 290 7400
3 230 245 260 4700
4 220 250 260  
5 235 275 285  
Remarks: reference cement
Intermingled quantity of admixture is calculated according to the percent of the cement's weight by the solid element.

Form2: Water Reducing Rate of Admixture and Compressive Strength of Concrete

Concrete Mix Ratio, kg/m3 Implementation Example % Water Reducing Rate % Slump cm Intensity mpa
C C G W 3d 7d 28d
310 740 1110 190 0.0 0.0 8.0 16.2/100 23.6/100 36.4/100
310 740 1110 171 0.2 0.98 7.0 23.1/142 29.5/125 40.4/111
310 740 1110 165 0.4 13.1 9.0 26.1/161 34.1/144 43.4/119
310 740 1110 156 0.6 18.0 7.0 32.8/202 39.3/166 48.1/132
310 740 1110 146 0.8 23.0 8.0 35.5/219 40.9/191 51.5/141
310 740 1110 142 1.0 25.2 8.5 39.0/241 45.4/192 55.6/153
310 740 1110 132 1.2 30.5 7.8 41.2/254 47.0/199 58.7/161
310 740 1110 129 1.5 32.0 8.5 42.1/260 50.7/215 61.4/168

II. Applicability

1. It applies to the following engineering concretes without requirements of delayed coagulation time: ready-mixed and early-strength pumping concrete, commercial concrete, high-strength precast and prestressed reinforced concrete, high-strength concrete, parts that steel-dense or concrete uneasily to be vibrated.

2. Various masterbatches for admixture combined plants to manufacture water reducer products.

III. Main performances

1. RTA-G is copper brown liquid or brown powder. It's surfactant, non-toxic, odorless and incombustible.

2. Small intermingled quantity, high water-reducing rate, add RTA-G with a weight of 0.15-0.4% of the weight of the cement or cementing material, thus, the water reducing rate can reach to 18-30%.

3. Good for intensifying the early strength. Add proper RTA-G, the early age strength of concrete will be raised to over 100%, and later strength will be raised to over 30%. Thus greatly reduce the cement dosage or increase the intermingled quantity of mineral admixture, reduce the cost.

4. It will not slump easily when time goes by for RTA-G can form a solid protection layer on the surface of cement particles to generate steric effect, therefore, the slump of concrete will be reduced. The slump loss of most cements is less than 10% within 2 hours. That means it is available to most cements.

5. RTA-G has proper air content, good bubble structure, which is favorable to improve the workability of concrete mixture, reduce bleeding, improve the appearance quality of hardened concrete and endurance quality, and especially suit the as-cast-finish concrete.

6. Add proper RTA-G to improve the dense of the concrete, so as to reduce contraction, raise its impermeability, frost resistance and stability of volume, i.e. the endurance quality of the concrete is greatly improved.

7. RTA-G non-chlorinated ion will not corrode steel. It has no harm to the concrete. Meanwhile, the product will not salt out or crystallize.

8. There are no three wastes (waste gas, waste water and waste residue), while producing RTA-G. So it does not pollute the environment. The product is odourless itself. It's a kind of safe, green and environment-friendly product, which meets the industrial policy of sustained development.

9. The water reducing rate of concrete is over 15-30%. So it can save more than 12% cement.

10. It's easy to be plasticized. So it can make high quality fluid plasticizing concrete with good pump ability.

Ⅳ. Recommended Intermingled Quantity

0.15-0.4% of the total quantity of cementing materials.

V. Usage

1. Find best intermingled quantity through equipments.

2. This product can add with water into concrete or add later.

3. When prepare the high-strength concrete, pay attention to the quality of mechanical agitating equipment and feeding order.

VI. Attention

1. While reserve, cover it with a lid and avoid exposure to sunlight, getting caught in rain or freezing.

2. The guarantee period of the product is one year. If it has exceeded the guarantee period, retest it then use.

VII. Packing

1. 40KG plastic woven bag lined with plastic bag, 50KG plastic drum or 200KG iron drum.

2. The company has special tanker providing home delivery service.

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