Research institution

Our institute has a technical building, a pilot workshop and other relative instruments. Our equipment include 1L, 2L high pressure kettle, small spray tower, HPLC, GS, UV, grainsize distribution meter and potentiometric titrimeter. We have excellent research condition.

Now , we have had the abilities to introduce, digest and self-develop new product. In disperse dye, reactive dye, cation dye, vulcanization dye, reduce dye, intermediate, printing aids and printing color paste fields, we can develop new product for you.

We use the project turnkey to promote the activity of technicians. According to accounting check of each project, the technicians can get relative payment and bonus.

We have developed over 50 kinds of products in disperse, reduce, reactive, color paste and intermediate fields. The printing color paste series got the Spark award from Shaoxing government. 300%2B got the technical advancement third award of Zhejiang province and technical advancement first award of Shaoxing city.